The declaration on nothing

We, the undersigned, agree to meet and sign this declaration. The declaration does not involve anything in particular. It is not binding. A signature does not entail any sort of obligations or terms to be observed. The purpose of this declaration is solely to create an opportunity for people to meet and unite in a symbolic manner, with a signature. It is especially important that this event, when the declaration is signed, be documented with photograph. That is not a binding stipulation, however. We, the undersigned, would be happy if the parties that sign it could shake hands when the signing is over, and even pose for photographs. If this event is not documented with a photograph, the signatures are null and void.


The undersigned

The undersigned

Oct. 21 2011 - Reykjavik

Jon Gnarr, Christopher Lauer, Pall Hjaltason, Martin Delius, Heida Kristin Helgadottir, Alexander Morlang, Eva Einarsdottir - see the original

The history of the declaration

On October the 17th 2011, four Pirates came to Reykjavik, Iceland. They wanted to learn from the People and the Best Party. The Pirates met Jon the Mayor and decided to declare nothing. In times of great uncertainty, nothing can be more trustworthy than something. When words do not mean something, you have to use a meme provided by history, to be able to say anything at all. 25 years and 9 days after Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev achieved nothing at the Höfði in Reykjavik, three Pirates and four members of the Best Party came back to achieve nothing much faster. They signed the Declaration on Nothing, not as a joke but as a foundation for the future. A future for the undersigned and all people, who are willing to come together in such a ceremony and unite in undersigning this Declaration on Nothing.It was never so easy to say so much with nothing.

The signing

You want to declare nothing?

Do it and send us an E-Mail with what ever you want to be documentented and if possible a hint on how to reach you of some sort.

We the undersigned welcome everyone who just wants to agree on nothing.